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Residential card is a long-term visa which is issued by Vietnam Immigration Management Organization (Department or Office) for the foreigners who are the investors or the labors, with the minimum term of 1 year and maximum of 2 years for people having work permit, and maximum of 3 years for the foreign investors.

  1. Benefits of the residential card:

The residential card minimizes the inconvenience of having too many visas stuck on your passport. Currently, short-term Vietnamese visa includes duration of 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. The residential card is acting as a long-term visa. With the duration up to 3 years, you do not need to worry too much about your staying in Vietnam, as well as the inconvenient procedure of applying for new visa.

2. Procedure of applying for residential card includes:

  • Foreign criminal record verified by the stamp of your local area and notarized in the Embassy of Vietnam in your local area.
  • University degree or the verified document of being manager, operation director, expert or technical worker, which are legalized in the Consulate of Vietnam in your local country.
  • Heath certificate issued in your local country or in Vietnam, as the standard of the Ministry of Health.
  • Criminal record in Vietnam (Temporary residential verification from police in local area and a copy of passport).
  • Some other certified documents.
    Note: The procedure can be changed by time. Please contact to us for the detail and accurate consultancy.

3. Supporting service of applying for residential card in Happyvisa includes:

  • Consult about the laws of issuing residential card and visa.
  • Consult about the issuing duration and extend the residential card for the foreigners, as regulated.
  • Consult to prepare the papers, documents of applying for residential card.
  • Translate and get notarized the relating documents.
  • Represent for the customers to apply in the Immigration Management Organization, keep track of the application, receive the residential card as the date in appointment paper, and deliver the residential card to the customers.


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